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SWL Digital Academy enrollment is open to students in grades 6-12 who attend or reside in the Southwest Licking Local School District. Students must be full-time students and enroll for a minimum of five classes, unless fewer classes are needed to meet graduation requirements.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Students who are already successfully learning at home but whose home-schooling is insufficiently comprehensive and requires the kind of augmentation offered by SWLDA’s formal and standards-based online curriculum.

  • Students who desire to move through the curriculum at their own pace.

  • Students with medical issues that require a more personalized curricular approach. 

  • Students who have been removed from school for disciplinary reasons but who are committed to and capable of regaining their focus on academic pursuits in the independent and solitary context of online instruction delivered in their homes.

  • Students who need to recover previously failed courses and are full-time with the digital academy.  

Additionally, a student’s enrollment and successful participation in the school are predicated upon the following:

  • The student and the student’s parent/guardian must provide supervision within the home, at all times during which the student is engaged in SWLDA’s program of study, adult supervision of such a nature as to ensure the student’s safe and responsible participation in the program.

  • Occasionally, face-to-face meetings with a teacher or other staff may become necessary. In such cases, and except as otherwise agreed by SWLDA or required by law, the meetings will take place on Southwest Licking school property.

Digital Academy Director

M. Ryan Brown